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Membership Info

Membership Info (Apply Online)

Central Oklahoma Clean Cities membership is open to business, non-profit and government fleets, as well as companies, organizations, and agencies involved in all aspects of the alternative transportation fuels and advanced vehicle technologies industry. Membership is also open to non-profit environmental organizations whose primary interests include air quality, sustainable energy solutions, and economic development.

Our current members include government and industry fleet managers, vehicle and engine manufacturers and dealerships; fueling equipment manufacturers, suppliers, installers and maintenance companies; vehicle conversion, repowering, and service providers; energy producers, utility providers, and fuel marketers; vehicle maintenance technician training centers; environmental groups; and other business, non-profit, and government entities involved in related markets including air quality oversight.

Central Oklahoma Clean Cities accepts membership from from small volume manufacturers and converson companies operating within the regulations set forth by the Oklahoma Alternative Fuels Technician Certification Act (see Title 74, Sec. 130.11-130.24 of the Oklahoma Statutes) and by the federal Clean Air Act. Companies operating outside the parameters of Oklahoma's alternative fuel technician certification requirements or companys installing non-EPA compliant alternative fuel conversion systems will not be considered for membership. 

Central Oklahoma Clean Cities Membership adds value through:

Member Networking and Involvement

  • Regular meetings on technical, business, & education topics
  • Strong regional network of state, local, and federal officials
  • Strategic links to regional & national industry peers, competitors, & experts*

Project Partnerships

  • Targeted announcements of funding opportunities*
  • Grant proposal assistance & review*
  • Expert technical review from staff & industry peers*
  • Connection to US Dept. of Energy and National Lab technical assistance*
  • Incorporating alternative fuels into your fleet plan*
  • Navigating local, state planning, zoning, & codes for alternative fueling infrastructure*

Member Promotion

  • Fleet workshops on vehicle types, performance, available infrastructure, incentives & discount programs
  • Monthly newsletters, daily social media and website updates promoting AFV benefits and activities
  • Company logo featured on website and membership directory*
  • Highlighted in membership spotlight section of newsletter and social media accounts*

Market Building Events

  • Opportunities to participate in Central Oklahoma Clean Cities public education & fleet outreach events
  • Discounts on conferences and alternative fuel related events
  • Stakeholder event promotion and/or press assistance*
  • Letters of support for alternative fuel projects*

* Indicates benefits only available to dues paying members

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Central Oklahoma Clean Cities Annual Dues

COKCC COMMUNITY INVESTOR                        

  • Energy exploration & production companies
  • Fuel refiners, fuel producers and production facilities
  • Natural gas and electric utilities (fuel providers)
  • Commercial fleets of 500 or more vehicles


  • Original Equipment Manufacturers w/ nationwide dealerships
  • OEM engine manufacturers
  • Commercial fleets of 100 - 499 vehicles

COKCC COLLABORATOR                 

  • Multistate or regional fuel distributors and marketers - wholesale and retail
  • Alternative fuel equipment manufacturers and distributors
  • Local OEM vehicle dealerships, Small Volume Manufacturers, and Qualified Vehicle Modifiers
  • Commercial fleets of 50-99 vehicles


  • Local fuel marketers w/ three (3) local or fewer fueling sites
  • Local small business conversion companies not connected to a network or OEM dealership
  • Local small business equipment service companies not connected to OEM dealerships
  • Non-ACOG-member local governments 
  • Commercial fleets of 20 - 49 vehicles


  • Commercial fleets of fewer than 20 vehicles
  • Other small local business concerns w/ vested interests in the alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles industry such as investment firms and incentives brokers
  • Private elementary and secondary school fleets
  • Private technical school fleets
  • Private college and university fleets


$50 - $0
  • Non-profit social welfare and community based organizations w/fleets
  • Non-profit social welfare and community based organizations w/o fleets whose primary interests in Clean Cities are regional air quality, sustainable communities, and/or economic development


  • Federal government agencies
  • State of Oklahoma government agencies
  • ACOG-member cities, towns, and counties
  • Public school district fleets
  • Public colleges, universities, community colleges, and technical school fleets

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