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Stakeholder Spotlight: Bricktown Water Taxi

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Bricktown Water Taxi is one of the most popular attractions in downtown Oklahoma City. Since implementation of the Water Taxis in 1999, the company has provided many international visitors and locals alike with a 40-minute boat ride through the entertainment district of Oklahoma City where several attractions can be seen. 

In 2012 the owner, Bob Bekoff, realized that running the water taxis on electric motors would eliminate air pollution, and save money on fueling and maintenance costs.  With a little input from ACOG staff at the time, he applied for a U.S. Department of Energy American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus funding grant and was awarded later that year. 

Along with the installation of electric motors, electric charging was added along the canal enabling the boats to charge overnight.

Chad Hunnington, owner of Bricktown Water Taxis, stated that the electric motors are much quieter than the older gas versions, and guests often comment on the lack of noise asking if the motors are electric. Daily, patrons’ comment on how quiet the water taxis are and how much more enjoyable it makes the ride.

He adds that, electric motors eliminate the need for oil changes and oil disposal, as well as potential hazards of refueling on the waterway.

The Bricktown Water Taxis is available seven days a week from 10 AM to 10 PM – and until midnight on Friday and Saturday through the summer months.

For more information about Bricktown Water Taxi, visit their website at




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